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We tried to group together the more usual questions we receive about using and interpreting this site data and services. These FAQs are all related to the EasyRGB site and the way we specifically handle color information. If you are searching for more generic information about color, on the Net there are several good sites devoted to color science, physics, psychology, physiology and technology. Check our Links page for a list of handy color FAQ references.

What can I do using the services of this site?

How accurate are on-screen colors?

How are color standards measured?

How color measures are stored in the EasyRGB database?

How is the closest color (best match) calculated?

In the process to select the best matches for your RGB data we usually compare colors based on a simplification of the CMC equation (British Standard BS:6923) referred as the CIE94 color difference equation.
It is universally recognized that the standard CIELAB color difference equation (dE*) is inadequate to precisely define perceptual differences in color.
The CIE94 color difference formula allows calculation of ellipsoid tolerances around the standard color. These ellipsoids are functions of the standard's color space position and better represent human perception of color differences.


Why HLS/HSL/HSB/HSV data is not supported?

Is any gamma correction applied to the displayed colors?

Why is a 45 (not a sphere based) spectrophotometer used?

Is possible to add a new color collection to the color matching list?

What is the required color resolution for this site?

Is any compatibility problem associated with old browsers?

Why printed colors are not consistent with my monitor?