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Site Instructions

We tried to keep the use and navigation of this site as simple as possible. In case you have questions about using the different services available through these pages you will find some easy to follow (we hope) instructions below. If you still have questions or doubts about operating this site, please contact us.

Use the color calculator in 4 easy steps

Create color harmonies in 2 easy steps

Match RGB values to commercial tints in 3 easy steps

Get RGB values of commercial tints in 3 easy steps

Step 1


Insert the code or the name of the color you want to get RGB values. You can also insert a part of the color reference, for example inserting "GREEN", a list of all the colors with a name containing the inserted string will be displayed.

Step 2


The form contains a list of the available color collections. Click on the list button and select the color card, fandeck or color collection where you want your color to be searched.

Step 3


Press the key to submit your data to the server. The following page will contain your search results. Up to 20 colors matching your search string will be displayed. You can click on each search link to directly access the "Get commercial tints", "Get color harmonies" and "Color calculator" pages.


If you do not select any color collection or if your reference is not valid, the server will post on the result page a warning message. Insert the missing data or replace the invalid one before pressing again the "Start" button.


Monitor color calibration in 4 easy steps

Please take few minutes to check your system color configuration, find out how your computer or TV handles this site's colors.