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Site Instructions

We tried to keep the use and navigation of this site as simple as possible. In case you have questions about using the different services available through these pages you will find some easy to follow (we hope) instructions below. If you still have questions or doubts about operating this site, please contact us.

Use the color calculator in 4 easy steps

Create color harmonies in 2 easy steps

Match RGB values to commercial tints in 3 easy steps

Get RGB values of commercial tints in 3 easy steps

Monitor color calibration in 4 easy steps

Calibration wizard

The whole calibration procedure takes only 4 easy steps. You will be prompted to choose colors from the screen, each color telling the server what is your visual chromatic perception.
Just follow the on-screen instructions.
Keep in mind that the calibration is reversible at any time. The standard (not calibrated) mode simply displays colors using the sRGB (standard RGB) color space.

How it works

After you complete the calibration procedure our server sends a small cookie (see note below) to your computer. This is a small, safe, text file. It will be stored in your machine without affecting any application or system setting.
Each time you visit our pages, the server detects the cookie and manipulate the colors to better adapt to your system characteristics.
In all the EasyRGB pages, each individual color data is automatically corrected to be accurately displayed.

Your computer is safe

The calibration procedure does NOT modify your hardware or your computer settings in any way.
Everything happens on our servers. You do not have to download anything or to modify your computer configuration.
No personal data or system information is sent to us.

Calibration icons

On every other page of this site where colors are displayed, a small icon identifies the calibration status of your computer...

=NOT Calibrated



Your browser must accept cookies in order to complete the calibration. Check your browser configuration to enable this feature.


Please take few minutes to check your system color configuration, find out how your computer or TV handles this site's colors.